Hollande: next few hours will be decisive for Ukraine

12 february 2015 | 17:50

 The French President announced that the Minsk agreements do not guarantee long-term success.

Hollande announced that vigilance should not be lost in the near future
French President Francois Hollande announced that the Minsk agreement aimed at ending the conflict in eastern Ukraine does not guarantee the long-term success.

This is what writes Reuters, citing Hollande from Brussels.

"The agreement does not guarantee long-term success. This implies that we will continue to be vigilant and to pressure for further actions," – commented Hollande to the journalists in Brussels on arrival at the European summit.

He noted that everything can still be changed, and that the next few hours will be decisive.

"We are at a critical point in time. We have reached an agreement. This is more than a ray of hope, and at the same time it is the point where everything can still change. The next few hours will be decisive," – said Hollande.

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According to the achieved agreement, an immediate and absolute ceasefire should be reached and strictly observed starting from 15, February 2015 in separate regions of the Donbas.

Source: Reuters

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