Hollande: France is not going to give "Mistrals" to Russia

19 december 2014 | 13:00

According to the French president, Russian sailors from "Mistral" have already left the country.

After the EU summit Hollande was confident to say that Russia would not get "Mistrals."
At the end of the EU summit in Brussels Francois Hollande announced that France currently does not consider transfer of its helicopter carrier assault ships, "Mistrals" to Russia, because of its failure to comply with the "Minsk agreements".

He also said that this issue will likely not be raised in the near future, so Russian sailors on a "Mistral" ship have already left the country.

"I have repeatedly asked the Russian leadership to take part in stabilizing the situation in eastern Ukraine. We have no reason to believe that Russia has reduced its aggressive actions against a sovereign country" – commented Hollande.

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According to the President, France supported the decision of the EU not to impose new economic sanctions against Russia, but only temporarily. Hollande, together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to continue talks with Vladimir Putin to resolve the conflict. The French president is confident that the negotiations with Russia will bring a desire outcome by the end of the year and there will be no need to introduce new sanctions.

The trilateral meeting of the EU-Ukraine-Russia is expected to take place on December 21 in Minsk.

Read more: Russian sailors to wait for "Mistrals" in French port

Back in early December, the US tried to help France not to lose money from not performing the contract on "Mistrals" supply by signing a contract on the supply of cruise ships. The contract amount was 1.2 billion euro.


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