Greek Prime Minister wants to put end to sanctions against Russia

1 april 2015 | 14:07

Greek PM announced that Athens is not going to support continued economic sanctions against Moscow. 

Алексис Ципрас
PM Tsipras announced that he does not support the continuation of sanctions against Russia.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that sanctions against Russia "lead to nowhere" and his country does not support their continuation. Instead, he offers to create a new security system in Europe, in which Russia will play an important role.

According to The Times, this has been announced by the Greek PM before his visit to Russia next week. According to Tsipras, the European Council's President Donald Tusk sent him a letter urging Greece to support the extension of sanctions against Russia.

"I called him and the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and said that "I do not think Greece holds this position now. The situation has changed and the new government in Athens is against sanctions. I am convinced that they lead to nowhere," – commented PM Tsipras.

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The Greek PM also urged the EU countries to create a new security system in Europe, in which Russia will play a pivotal role. He also hopes that Russia will cancel trade embargo imposed earlier by the Russian government.

The newspaper reminds that Russia is trying to increase its influence within the European Union and divide it over the position on Ukraine's crisis. The columnist writes that Greece is likely to try to bargain for concessions from the EU in other areas in exchange for extending the sanctions against Russia.

Source: The Times

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