French authorities: remains of A320 second pilot have been found

30 march 2015 | 17:55

Experts believe the identification of all the victims will be completed by the end of April.

Второй пилот А320. Андреас Любиц
Forensic expert confirms that the remains of Andres Lubitz have been found
French authorities have announced that they had found the remains of A320 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who had deliberately destroyed the plane in the French Alps.

According to The Telegraph, the prosecutors have found the remains, which are believed to belong to the second pilot of Germanwings A320.

The chief forensic expert and Professor Michael Tsokos confirmed that the remains belong to Lubitz. The experts say that the remains of most of the victims of the plane crash will be identified by the end of April. So far, 78 people have been identified.

Many families of those killed in the crash are disappointed with the decision of the French government to qualify co-pilot's action as manslaughter, not killing.

Last Friday, German prosecutors announced that the co-pilot of the airliner had hidden his disease from the employer. 


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