Former US Secretary: Russia had to be accepted to NATO 15 years ago

6 april 2015 | 11:30

James Baker says the situation in the Donbas is the result of Russia's missing among NATO countries.

Джеймс Бейкер
Former US Secretary: Russia had to become a part of NATO
Former US Secretary of State James Baker announced that the US carries out unproductive policy towards Russia, while the events in eastern Ukraine could by avoided if Russia was NATO member.

"We and our allies in Western Europe should find a way to return Russia into the community of nations. <...> after the Cold War and collapse of the Soviet Union we have (had) to find a way to allow Russia to join NATO. This is a political alliance and at the same time, the alliance's security. Russia should not have "Marshal Plan" but be allowed to join the community and the team. That did not happen," – expressed Former US Secretary Baker his opinion on CNN.

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Also, the former US official believes Washington had 15 years of objectively good cooperation with Moscow. The current relationship between the US and Russia are similar to the Cold War type of relationships.

Source: CNN

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