Finland fears being attacked in case of Russia-NATO conflict

31 march 2015 | 11:04

EU Membership obliges Finland to support other countries if they are involved in any conflict. 

Флаги России и Финляндии
The Defense Ministry of Finland is confident that in case of a conflict, Moscow will not see it as neutral
Russia can attack Finland in case of conflict with NATO.

"If a conflict arises, it is difficult to imagine that Russia will respect the Finnish military neutrality so that not to intervene into its territory. It is difficult to believe that Finland will be respected in this situation," – announced the Defense Minister Karl Haglund during a TV debate, reports "European Truth," referring to the Yle publication.

"I'm afraid that Moscow will not see us as a neutral side. We are strongly associated with the European Union and have a single front with it, and we have been working closely with NATO for the last twenty years," – added the official. Haglund, however, is convinced that a military conflict between NATO and Russia will not take place, and if there are prerequisites, it cannot be allowed.

As the Wall Street Journal wrote earlier, Finland trades with aggressive Russia and is preparing for a possible war.

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Unlike the Baltic States, Finland maintains its usual policy of non-alignment and does not want to join NATO. At the same time, Helsinki is preparing for a possible war.

While Western countries cut their military budgets, Finland continues to increase spending on it military. In particular, the country has strengthened its arsenal, having purchased US cruise missiles.

Source: European Truth

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