EP's officials criticize Greek PM for visiting Kremlin

8 april 2015 | 10:32

EP's President warns PM Tsipras about the inadmissibility of deviation from the EU's common policy on Russia.

Алексис Ципрас
Tsipras can harm the EU politically and economically
PM Tsipras is going to visit Moscow on Wednesday, April 8. This causes serious concern in the European Union. Namely, the EP's President Martin Schulz has warned the Greek PM that it is unacceptable to deviate from the general course of the EU on Russia.

Martin Schultz explained that Athens could count on EU solidarity.

"But we also want the same response, which would not be affected by unilateral actions," – commented the EU official. According to EP's President, he had repeatedly warned Tsipras about this.

"He has to be guided by these conditions during his talks in Moscow. The EU expects him to do that as the head of one of the EU's member states," – said the EU official.

Similar arguments have been expressed by the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament, Elmar Brok.

In an interview with Die Welt, he said that the issue of financial assistance to Greece from Russia, which is expected to be raised by Tsipras in Moscow, will mean harm for the EU's Foreign and Security Policy.

"Greece's exit from the euro zone will not be a big disaster from the economic point of view, but if one looks at the map of the region, it is enough to understand that Turkey's situation, as a NATO country, will become unsafe," – said the official.

Earlier, The Financial Times wrote that the Greeks use Russia to make Berlin feel angry.

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"The Greeks use Russia as a way to annoy and scare Berlin. Tsipras wants to show that he has other options," – said the expert on Russian-Greek relations Teocharis Grigoriadis.

"But, he does not intend to make Greece a satellite of Russia. The Russians know it. The Germans know it. This is a pure theater, Greek play, and I'm afraid, it looks like a poodle is trying to scare a lion," – said the expert. 

Source: Deutsche Welle

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