Draft notices are distributed in Finland

10 april 2015 | 17:10

Finnish Defense Minister: draft notices to reservists are not related to the crisis in the Donbas 

Карл Хаглунд
According to the Defense Minister, Karl Haglund, such actions have nothing to do with the crisis in Ukraine.
Nearly 900 000 draft notices will be distributed to reservists in Finland in May.

This has been announced by the Finnish Defense Minister, Karl Haglund according to Yle.

The Minister says the decision was made in 2013 after the reform of the defense forces and has nothing to do with the crisis in the Donbas or aggravation of relations between the EU and Russia.

Haglund also noted that the Ministry of Defence does not want to send any signal by the actions. According to him, a lot of the reservists are simply interested in having military training.

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"Many people wonder what tasks they will have to perform. Many people want to take part in the defense of the country. We therefore consider it important to regularly send information about our plans," – commented the Minister.

Earlier, it was reported that the defense ministers of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark signed a joint declaration on intensifying military cooperation and cooperation with the Baltic countries in response to the Russian threat.


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