Czech President says PM Yatsenyuk is "Prime Minister of War"

5 january 2015 | 09:45

Miloš Zeman refuses to consider  "Maidan" as a "democratic revolution."

Милош Земан
Zeman made a number of new anti-Ukrainian statements.
Czech President Miloš Zeman believes that certain statements made by the Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk indicate about his intention to conduct an aggressive policy.

In an interview with Prague's Právo on 3, January Zeman said President Poroshenko, in his opinion, "can be " the man of peace ", while Prime Yatsenyuk is "the prime minister of war. "

Zeman is convinced that Ukrainian prime minister "does not want a peaceful solution, which is recommended by the European Commission, and wants to solve this problem with force." The result may be that "Russia, which ceased to support separatists, can renew its support."

Miloš Zeman said that many people are ill-informed about the events in Ukraine and because of this idealize it. He called Ukraine as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, while "Maidan" according to him, "was not a democratic revolution in Ukraine." He thinks "there is a civil war in Ukraine now."

In early November, the Czech President stirred up public by his scandalous interview with "Radio Praha", in which he praised the policy of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, but favorably commented about the Pussy Riot punk group. The politician allowed himself a number of obscene expressions in the air.

In mid-November Zeman actually supported the position of Moscow on the situation in Ukraine in an interview with the Russian"First Channel", calling the sanctions against Russia as harmful for everyone, while economic support for Ukraine as meaningless.

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This caused discontent among Czechs. On 17, November thousands of demonstrators gathered in downtown of Prague, accusing Zeman in an effort to make Russian colony out of Czech Republic. The president was booed and pelted with eggs during his speech.

Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, commenting attacks on Zeman, said the official position of Czech Republic is formed by the government, not by the president, and that the government of the Czech Republic supports the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine.

Source: Radio Svoboda

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