Czech President calls on for easing sanctions against Russia

13 february 2015 | 15:40

Miloš Zeman positively estimates Minsk agreements, but notes about the failure of the previous one.

Милош Земан
President Zeman would like the sides to follow the Minsk deals
Czech President Miloš Zeman believes that the abolition or easing of sanctions against Russia will be useful both for Russia and for the EU, says "European Truth" referring to Ceske Noviny.

"The cancellation or easing of sanctions will help the EU and Russia," – said the president, noting that Russia's economic problems have arisen because of falling oil prices, rather than sanctions.

Moreover, the Czech President welcomed the signing of new Minsk agreements, but noted that he is confident that they will be followed.

"I am always optimistic. I positively estimate each ceasefire. We, however, have already had a similar agreement in Minsk, which had not been observed," – commented President Zeman.

"I am not saying that I am a skeptic. I'd love to the agreements to be respected and civilians not killed," - he said, noting that the arrangements were achieved at a higher level than the previous.

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The EU Council's decision on imposing new sanctions against Russian individuals and companies, adopted on 9, February, will enter into force on February 16, despite the new Minsk agreements.

Source: European Truth

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