Czech Foreign Minister questions OSCE and UN existence

5 december 2014 | 12:48

Zaoralek believes the OSCE has lost its meaning because of Russia's actions.

Любомир Заоралек
Zaoralek questioned the OSCE and the UN

If the OSCE does not work on the principles underlying its activity, the sense for the institution's existence will disappear, said Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Lubomír Zaorálek during a meeting of OSCE foreign ministers in Basle, Switzerland.

"If we do not respect certain things, the sense for the existence of the UN can be put under question," – announced the diplomat.

Zaoralek believes that the work of any organization makes sense only if all of its members adhere to the basic principles of the organization.

The politician said that Russia, a member of the OSCE, by annexing Crimea and destabilizing the situation in Donbas, violated the principles of the Helsinki Declaration.

Earlier, Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said the OSCE risks being neglected as an organization which cannot effectively address modern security challenges.

Source: Radio Svoboda

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