Creative Latvians sell Putin-like enemas

3 april 2015 | 16:40

Half of the money collected will be donated to Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Money collected from selling Putin-like enemas will help victims of Donbas conflict
Latvians have invented a creative way how Russian president Vladimir Putin might facilitate the consequences of Donbas war.

Thus, Putin-like enemas will be produced in frames of a non-profit social initiative, which has the collection of money for the MSF, helping the victims with medicines and medical equipment on both sides in eastern Ukraine since 2014, as its goal.

The cost of one enema is 30 euro.

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Half of the money will be donated to the MSF, another half will cover the cost of production and packaging, says the statement at the website of the initiative.

The organizers of the action stress that they respect and love Russians, but condemn the actions of Russia's leadership, violating international law and threatening the whole Baltic region with aggression.

Source: ZN.UA

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