Council of Europe rebukes MIA of Ukraine for hindering Maidan killings investigation

31 march 2015 | 14:08

The Council of Europe tells about inefficiency of investigation by Ukraine.

николас братца
The head of the Council of Europe’s international group investigating the tragedy on “Maidan” indicates on inefficiency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The international advisory group of the Council of Europe has a reason to believe that the actions of some Ukrainian law enforcement officers have not been aimed at cooperation in the investigation of the events at "Maidan."
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"There are reasonable grounds to believe that the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have not been aimed at cooperation and in some cases prevented investigation. This is confirmed by an episode related to the detention of former "Berkut" representatives, details of which are set out in the report (to be published later - ed.)," – said the head of the group, Nicolas Bratza.

According to him, the lack of proper coordination between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and an international team reduced the effectiveness of the results. 

"The effectiveness of the investigation largely depended on close cooperation between the investigating authorities. The lack of such cooperation from the Prosecutor General's Office with two other bodies (Ministry of Internal Affairs and SBU) had a very serious negative impact on investigation in our opinion," – announced the head of the investigation group.

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Earlier, the European Commission reminded the Ukrainian authorities about investigating the tragedies at "Maidan" and in Odessa.

Source: European Truth

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