China blocks the BBC website for Hong Kong protests coverage

16 october 2014 | 16:24

Editorial notes the deliberate censorship strengthening against the media which truly lights the events



Hong Kong
China has blocked access to the BBC for coverage Hong Kong events, the media believes
Access to the web-site of the largest media holding in the UK, BBC was limited in China on Wednesday, the Director of the BBC World News Department Peter Horrocks says.

According to him, this is the "deliberate censorship" by Chinese authorities. It is known that they blocked the web-site after posting of videos about the Hong Kong police beating of the students on the streets.

"The BBC provides unbiased coverage of events to millions of people around the world, and attempts to take the censor our news clearly demonstrates how important the information access is for our readers," says Horrocks.

Note that the BBC Chinese version of the website has been repeatedly blocked. At the moment it is noteworthy that the English version is also blocked.

Also, the publication notes that the BBC World news has been also systematically blocked in China, especially when they cover the Chinese events.

Earlier, China has blocked Instagram because of the riots in Hong Kong.

Source: BBC Ukraine

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