Canadian Minister says Putin is a terrorist

27 march 2015 | 17:55

Russian Embassy in Canada calls it "five minutes of hate" Chris Alexander's statement about Putin.

Министр иммиграции Канады Крис Александер
Canada’s Minister of Immigration says Putin is a “terrorist.”
Canada's Minister of Immigration says Putin is a "terrorist." 

According to the Huffington Post, the Minister has made the following statement during his speech for the Congress of Ukrainians in Canada.

"Yes, it is terrorism. And, Vladimir Putin behaves like a terrorist," – announced the Canadian politician.

Also, Chris Alexander has noted that "there is no such scenario that would bring peace to the whole world, but would exclude active international efforts to provide Ukraine with all necessary means to make withdraw Russian troops to its borders and preserve them."

Russian Embassy in Canada has posted a video of Chris Alexander's speech on its Twitter, calling the statement by the Minister as "five minutes of hate" and saying that it is "hardly the artwork of diplomacy."

The Canadian Minister reacted to the statement as follows: "Your invasion of Ukraine brought 14 months of death. How many more "Anschlusses" does Putin have planned?... You reap what you sow. Putin was wrong illegally to invade, claim another country's sovereign territory.

It is worth noting that Canada has been among the most active countries in the world condemning Putin's actions and providing Ukraine with non-lethal military equipment in order to help the country to protect its borders.

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Earlier, on March 18, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine received the first part of humanitarian aid from the Government of Canada for its Armed Forces. This time the Ukrainian military were brought 60 night vision devices.


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