Cameron restores "Cold War" fund to deal with Russia's pressure

20 march 2015 | 11:10

Europe has realized that it is necessary to deal with the Russian propaganda. 

Cameron will use Thatcher’s experience
Prime Minister David Cameron has revived the Cold War program to support countries in the fight against "the threat of Russian dominance."

This is what writes Bloomberg, citing British officials.

The amount of the fund is 5 million pounds ($ 7.35 million). It is already being used to help building civil institutions in Ukraine. Additional 15 million pounds will also be allocated to support democracy in Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.

The mechanism of the fund follows the programs of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Know-How Fund, say the officials, who asked not to name their names since the talks about the programs were private.

Know-How Fund was established in 1989 and was used to assist in the development of institutions, governance and economy in the Soviet zone of influence, including Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

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According to Bloomberg, Cameron had to tell about the fund at the dinner after the meeting of the European Council in Brussels on Thursday. According to the publication, the Ukrainian crisis was triggered by weak institutions in the country, corruption and Russian intervention. Therefore, the aim of the fund is to avoid a recurrence of the events.

On the eve, the EU leaders decided to jointly counter Russian propaganda. 

Source: Bloomberg

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