Australia joined bombing Islamic state

9 october 2014 | 11:12

Aircraft of the Royal Australian air force dropped two bombs on an object that is controlled by the Islamists.

Syria militants
Australia bombed Islamic state
Australian air force for the first time stroke the extremist group of Islamic state in Iraq, which is reported by the country's Ministry of Defence on its website. There are little details on the event. F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft dropped two bombs on some object "IG", after which it returned to the base.

It is not specified what part of Iraq was hit by jihadists. The Defence Ministry promises to reveal more details during a press briefing which will take place later.

Sydney Morning Herald believes that the aim was destroyed by one of two ammunitions that Australian F/A-18F are equipped: it is either a 200-pound bomb GBU-12 with laser guidance or JDAM bomb (joint direct attack munition), having GPS and except even more powerful 800-pound version together with 200-pound.

The newspaper also believes that the word "object" probably indicates a stationary structure rather than a moving target, for example a truck with militants.

Australia joined the actions of the anti-terrorist coalition fighting against the "Islamic state" last week. Two aircrafts Super Hornet, based in the United Arab Emirates, flew for many hours of patroller mission in the skies of Iraq. The weapons have not been used so far. 400 members of Australian troops are also based in the UAE and they will be joined by another 200 of the special forces in the near future.

Earlier, Belgium, Denmark, and the UK joined the Patagonia operation in Iraq.

In the last days of the fiercest fighting between the extremists of the "Islamic state" and confronting them with groups of Kurds turned on the Syrian-Turkish border near the town of Kobani. There are hundreds of victims there.

Source: newsru

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