"Azov" appeals to Putin: "Welcome to hell!"

29 january 2015 | 17:30

Ukrainian fighters have warned that Ukraine would become a grave for Russian mercenaries.

"Azov" is ready to send to hell Putin’s mercenaries
Soldiers from the "Azov" battalion have recorded a video message to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and downloaded it on YouTube.

In the video one of the "Azov's" fighters, with a gun in his hand and surrounded by his comrades in arms, refers to "Vladimir Putin" warning that mercenaries, whom he sends to Ukraine, will find their grave in Ukraine.

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"I have not seen your Russian forces. I have seen only mercenaries and people of unknown origin. They may come. Mariupol, the entire Donbas area and our holy Ukrainian land will become their grave" – announced the fighter.

The video is completed with the words "Welcome to hell!" and "Glory to the nation – Death to the enemies" slogan.

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According to recent reports from the ATO area, pro-Russian troops have entered Vuhlehirsk, fighting is underway; there are losses on both sides. Meanwhile, the ATO forces withdrew from the Donetsk airport strip on 1.5 km.

Source: ZN.UA

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