Ukraine and Lithuania sign military cooperation plan

29 january 2015 | 15:35

Joined military exercises to be held by two countries.

Ukrainian military will have an opportunity to study at English language courses
On Wednesday, January 28, Ukraine and Lithuania signed a plan on bilateral military cooperation in 2015. Ukraine was represented by Deputy Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Leonid Golopatyuk, while Lithuania – by Deputy Defense Minister Mariyus Vyalychka, reports the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence.

The plan envisages training for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and consultations in Lithuania, joint military exercises in both countries, medical treatment of military personnel and exchange of experience in the sphere of military medicine. Ukrainian military will have an opportunity to study at English language courses and at staff officers' courses at the Military Academy of Lithuania. Also, Ukrainian noncommissioned officers will undergo international training courses at Lithuania's military schools. Moreover, it is planned to consult Ukrainian experts on cyber defense system establishment.

The Permanent Representative of Lithuania called the events in eastern Ukraine as the bloodiest conflict since the Balkan war during the extraordinary UN Security Council's session. Earlier, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence accused Russia of justifying aggression in its new military doctrine, which defines "the military potential growth of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) as the main threat."

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On January 5, Lithuania handed weapon components to Ukraine, fulfilling its promise to help Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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