Terrorists fire ATO positions in Shyrokino and Opytne

3 april 2015 | 10:15

Militants have violated 10 times ceasefire last evening. 

Широкино АТО Донбасс
Terrorists fire ATO positions in Shyrokino and Opytne
Militants have fired Ukrainian stronghold near Novgorodske, announced the ATO press secretary on Friday, April 3.

"There was a combat clash here at 20.05 lasting 50 minutes. The ATO soldiers stayed at their positions and repelled the attacks," – announced the press secretary.

In addition, the Ukrainian military repelled the attacks in the area of Dutovka mine at 23.30 on Thursday. The clashes lasted until 00.30.

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"Also, the Ukrainian troops have been fired along the boundary line from small arms and grenade launchers in the area of Shyrokino, Avdiyivka, Granitne, Opytne and Maryinka," – announced in the ATO HQ.

Earlier, it was reported that pro-Russian fighters are preparing for provocations against the people under the guise of Ukrainian military in order to discredit and disrupt the peace process.

Source: ZN.UA

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