Survey: Ukrainians believe corrupt government, oligarchs and Kremlin are main threats for nation

22 january 2015 | 17:06

They are also concerned about manipulation of politicians and media.

Ukrainians expect not only victory in the Donbas from their authorities, but also victory over corrupt officials
Ukrainians believe that the main factors that can separate the Ukrainian nation are corruption (29%), oligarchs (29%) and Russia (25%).

Nearly the same percentage calls manipulation by media (24%) and political agitation (20%) as divisive factors.

These are the results of a survey conducted by the "Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Fund" and sociological service "Ukrainian Sociology Service" in December.

"Euromaidan" (6%) as well as actions of the West (9%), the growth of radicalism and nationalism in Ukraine (9%), and language oppression (10%) are the least divisive factors according to this survey.

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9% of Ukrainians believe that "there is no division in Ukraine, while this fact is being imposed" and only 2% of Ukrainians believe that "Ukraine has never been united and it is impossible to unite the nation."

Sociologists note about the existing regional differences in understanding of the factors dividing Ukraine. Unlike any other region, the Donbas residents do not see the Russia's role in dividing Ukraine (7%), but feel the "growth of radicalism and nationalism" in Ukraine (30%). Sloboda Ukraine is another region, where people usually do not blame Russia for dividing Ukraine (15%).

"The Donbas was also the only region where a significant number of people (23%) blame the West. Some regions include the aspiration for European integration by some Ukrainians as a divisive factor (Black Sea - 25 % Podolia - 21%, Donbas - 20%),"- say the sociologists.

Survey by KIIS, conducted earlier, showed that 26.3% of Ukrainians believe that property which belongs to oligarchs must be nationalized.

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The research was conducted by the "Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Fund" and sociological service "Ukrainian Sociology Service" in December, 2014 on the order of ICPS in 11 regions of Ukraine. 4413 respondents total were surveyed (400 in each region, in Transcarpathia and Bukovina - 401, Centre – 402, Polesia - 410). The maximum sampling error does not exceed 1.8%.

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