Sites of pro-Ukrainian Mass Media are blocked in Donbass

1 october 2014 | 19:04

Donetsk terrorists obliged the providers to limit the access of  local subscribers to the number of Ukrainian news resources.

Новини інтернет ЗМІ
Sites of pro-Ukrainian Mass Media are blocked in Donbass
Terroristic Organization "DNR" sent a letter to the local providers with demand to block 27 news resources publishing materials about the events in Donbass. It was written at the profile of the editor-in-chief of "News of Donbass" Aleksey Matsuka in Facebook. 

"Censure is in action. Terrorists demand from the providers of Donbass to prohibit "News of Donbass"  Public Donetsk TV, "Donetsk Truth". Apply TOR to avoid blocking and soon complete Instruction will be available how to bypass the censure of DNR", - he wrote.

The journalist published the scans of the letters according to which the fighters request to block mentioned Ukrainian sites to "stop the spread of knowingly false information and libel".

It will be recalled that the fighters massively turn off Ukrainian TV channels on the controlled territories.


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