Since Donbass truce started - more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers died

1 october 2014 | 12:38

On Tuesday, 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in ATO zone.

Солдат АТО
Since the beginning of the truce in Donbass more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers died.
According to the information of the speaker of Information and Analytic Centre of NSDC, Andrey Lysenko, more than 300 military men were killed in Donbass since the beginning of the fight stop.   

"In the course of September 5, more than 300 people died. We do not posses any concrete data on the quantity", - Lysenko reported.

He marked that 2 soldiers from the forces of anti-terroristic operation were wounded on Tuesday.

The representative of Ukraine in UNO Yuriy Sergeev has reported before that in the course of the period of so-called Fight Stop Regimen being documental reached in Minsk on September 5, more than 100 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 138 wounded.    

As it was reported before, a new "peace" memorandum was signed in Minsk. According to it, already on Saturday, September 20, a new troop withdrawal has had to be commenced in Donbass within the frame of creation of 30-km buffer zone.

However, in pursuance of data of ATO press-centre, as of September 21, the fighting of the Ukrainian forces goes on from the side of the terrorists and Russian soldiers in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, in spite of signed Memorandum on meeting commitment about the cease-fire.

In its turn, NSDC has underlined that Memorandum shall be implemented by both parties. And yet, while the fighters disrupt the armistice – the principle item of Minsk Memorandum – it makes impossible the implementation of other agreements as well as the troop withdrawal.

Source: РБК-Украин

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