Shelling makes Donetsk airport defenders to leave old terminal

5 december 2014 | 12:19

The number of dead and injured is not yet known.

Донецк, аэропорт, обстрел, взрывы
"Truce" has not reduced the level of confrontation in Donetsk airport

ATO headquarters spokesman, Olexander Dmytrashkivsky confirmed ZN.UA, that Ukrainian military left the old terminal in Donetsk airport on the night of December 5.

Media have reported earlier that Ukrainian military were forced to leave the building due to heavy shelling on Friday night. Allegedly there are dead, among the defenders of the airport, many wounded, but the exact number is unknown. There is also a dead body of the soldier left in the old terminal.

Dmytrashkivsky explained that the soldiers could not stay in the old terminal because of the significant damage. However, some of the Ukrainian military have returned there in the morning. "Airport (in general) is controlled by the Ukrainian military" - he said. The information on losses must be provided by the National Security Council spokesman.

The coordinator of the "Information Resistance", D. Timchuk has been reporting on Friday on Facebook about new attempts of militants to surround the defenders of the airport.

"Simultaneously with the shelling near Donetsk, there was an attack on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area Opytne with the purpose to surround our units near Donetsk airport" – Dmytrashivsky reports.


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