Russian propaganda invents story about killed 10-year old girl in Donetsk

8 april 2015 | 14:15

Russian propagandists say "it was necessary" to invent a story about a killed girl.

Russian media: “The girl does not exist. Told about this because had been made to”
BBC journalists have recorded recognition from the Russian propagandists. Thus, they have told the journalists that they had been made to make up the story about a killed 10-year old girl.

Investigation was conducted, which proved that local residents had heard about the incident only on TV, while in reality there was no shelling that day in Petrovsky district.

"We also heard about this on TV. If there was something, we would know," – tell several residents in Petrovsky district to BBC journalists.

The journalists also visited the morgue in Donetsk, but its director, Nikolay Kalashnikov noted that they do not have the girl there.

Finally, a representative of the Russian media admitted that the "girl does not exist", and the media themselves had to make up this story.

Earlier, the Russian media reported about a "crucified boy" in the central square of Sloviansk and "torture on his mother." 

Source: BBC

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