Russia transforms Crimea to military base

24 october 2014 | 13:04

Russia is rapidly creating a very large military base, which has no equivalent on the Black sea.

російські воєнні
Russia makes Crimea a military base
Russia is making Crimea military very fast. While at the moment of peninsula annexation there were about 20 thousand soldiers of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, soon there could be more than 100 thousand Russian military of different types of troops. And it doesn't look like to be done for defensive purposes.

In this situation, on Ukrainian occupied territory a new potential nuclear threat to the world is being created. However, Ukraine hasn't reacted and this topic has not even been raised in international negotiations.

About this Crimean reporter Valentina Samar writes for ZN.UA.

Maidan of Foreign Affairs Foundation experts believe that the discussion about giving Crimea back or not, which is happening in the Russian media and the blogosphere, is only the background. In particular, they note that there are processes starting in Crimea which were predicted earlier.

Their essence is militarization. "Russia is rapidly creating a very large military base, which has no equivalent on the Black sea. This process should trouble Ukraine, as well as the countries of the Black Sea region, the EU, NATO and the United States," Foundation expert Andrei Klimenko says to ZN.UA.

He draws attention to the already existing facts: "Recently it has been reported that in the Crimea there are now more in two and a half times fuel for the needs of the military in winter than it was the last year brought. Fact number two has passed almost unnoticed: Russian Defence Ministry plans by the end of the year to hand combat flags to 40 new troop units in the Crimea. I stress, to the new ones. It is known that the battle flag is not awarded neither to the troop, not to the battalion. It is given to the regiment."

"That is to say, in the Crimea there are 40 new regiments or brigades. Each of them - 2-3 thousand people. This allows to assume that if at the time of annexation of the Crimea, we talked about 20 thousand soldiers of the Black Sea Fleet, soon the number of Russian military of different types of troops reach more than 100 thousand people," the expert believes.

The composition of this group, by Klimenko, cannot be assumed it is created for defensive purposes: "Two regiments of strategic bombers, some of which survive, and the latter can carry bombs and rockets. Next, two regiments of fighters, coastal missile complexes "Bastion", the connection of the operational-tactical missile complexes "Iskander-M", which supposedly takes place today in Dzhankoy."

The expert also notes equipment and troops which for the previous two years were actively reequipped and studied in North Caucasus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are now redeployed to Crimea.

In his opinion, thus "Putin threatens the world with a finger": "Look here, it's my nuclear base with missiles and bombers, it is at a distance of 200-300 kilometres from the borders of the EU and NATO."

The expert notes there is no such database is neither in Bulgaria, nor Romania that are sometimes called the "soft underbelly of Europe".

"It changes the whole military-strategic balance in Europe and in the Mediterranean region, and for example, even in the middle East. This is, of course, must be a harsh reaction. Because obviously it is aimed not only and not so much against Ukraine, but all over the world," Maidan of Foreign Affairs Foundation expert says.


It is also obvious, a reporter Valentina Samar notes, that in light of these steps made by Moscow all other topics are like the curtain of smoke, hiding the basic steps.

In particular, holiday season in Crimea, about the failure of which Ukrainian media like to write, wasn't a problem for Russia. Indeed, instead of tourists, all summer long Russian ferries were transferring through the Kerch in the Crimea not tourists, but new equipment and weapons, meanwhile giving the old one for the captured Donbas.

"The question is: what does Ukraine make in this situation? On its (thought occupied) territory there is a new potential nuclear threat to the world today. Have you heard any public statements of the President of Ukraine on this issue? Or some kind of official statement about the fact that this topic was discussed during the negotiations on some fields?

I have not found. It turns out, this is also from "Crimean topic was not discussed"...

On the other hand, how could Ukraine oppose? In general, Ukraine is not able to ensure its security. So, it has to import this critical shortage. The only one who can today provide Ukraine the security import is NATO. But, while Ukraine is a country with a non-aligned status, it is not possible by definition," Samar says.

It was reported earlier that the United States consider Russia to place nuclear weapons in Crimea.


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