Russia brings to Ukrainian border MiG-31 fighters and air unit

19 november 2014 | 17:19

Accumulation of Russian troops on both sides of the border is going on.

Russia has deployed MiG-31 to the border of Ukraine.
Russian Federation has deployed close to the border of Ukraine in Rostov Region an aviation unit, previously based in Perm. 

"We notice the accumuation of Russian troops in the regions bordering with Ukraine. In particular, the airfield Millerovo in the Rostov region relocated its aviation unit, which was based in Perm," said the speaker of the National Security Council Andriy Lysenko at the briefing on Wednesday.

Also, radars and MiG-31 fighters were transferred to the border of Ukraine. Now they can control the air space over the entire Luhansk region.

NATO has recorded the "serious build-up troop " in the east of Ukraine, and on the Russian side of the border. It reported on Russian tanks crossing the border on Nov. 12.

Also, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, on November, 15-17, Russia has deployed on the territory of Ukraine more than 100 pieces of military equipment. Russia continues to deny its military in the Donbas.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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