Poroshenko: snipers at "Maidan" commanded by Putin's assistant Vladislav Surkov

20 february 2015 | 17:55

Ukrainian President doubts that Russia will ever give Ukraine the main culprit of the tragedy.

Poroshenko has repeated the version of SBU’s Head about the killings at Maidan
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
President Poroshenko has announced that sniper teams during the last year's events at Maidan had been commanded by Putin's assistant, Vladislav Surkov.

"Just the other day the SBU head informed me that the questioned "Alpha" fighters testified that Russia's President's assistant Vladislav Surkov commanded the sniper groups at Maidan," – announced President at the ceremony of presenting state rewards to families of "Nebesna Sotnia" on Friday in Kiev.

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President Poroshenko said that the investigation had access to telephone conversations' records of Viktor Yanukovych with the representatives of Russia's security services. According to him, the shooting at Maidan has been prepared in advance.

"It is true, that crimes against humanity have no time limits. But, I will ask you and myself a rhetorical question: will Russia ever give us Yanukovych?" – announced the President of Ukraine.

The SBU head has announced about Surkov's relation to "Maidan's" killings yesterday.

According to him, there have been several FSB group in Ukraine planning to disperse "Maidan‘s " protesters in the capital of Ukraine.

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Vladislav Surkov, is often called a "gray cardinal of the Kremlin". According to media reports, he has been the one who supervised the Russian policy towards Ukraine.

Earlier, on February 19, the General Prosecutor's Office announced about having evidence of Russian security forces' involvement in the death at "Maidan."

Source: ZN.UA

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