Poroshenko signs law on Ukraine's non-aligned status abolishment

29 december 2014 | 17:45

During the press conference, President announced that he would do that immediately.

Poroshenko signs law on Ukraine's non-aligned status abolishment
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
President Poroshenko signed law on Ukraine's non-aligned status abolishment. The President made it on the air during the press conference on Monday, 29 December.

"I am planning to sign the law on Ukraine's non-aligned status abolishment right now at the press conference," – announced Poroshenko.

"It was a strategic and fundamental error when Ukraine adopted the non-aligned status and destroyed its own Armed Forces," – commented Poroshenko.

The Ukrainian people will decide on NATO accession within 5-6 years", - said the president on whether he plans to announce a referendum on Ukraine's accession to NATO in 2015.

Poroshenko plans to reform the country to fit the criteria of the European Union and NATO. He noted that "most of the requirements coincide."

The Parliament abolished the non-aligned status of Ukraine on 23, December, when 303 MPs supported the bill of the president.

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Nevertheless, Poroshenko bill did not contain a clear course for Ukraine's accession to NATO after the abolition of non-aligned status. It stipulates the following wording: "Membership in the EU and integration into the Euro-Atlantic space."

Source: ZN.UA

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