Poroshenko: nearly 100 judges who persecuted "Maidan" activists are hiding in Crimea

16 january 2015 | 15:25

Ukraine's President declares that he will sign the law on the inevitability of punishment for people avoiding it in the Crimea and ATO area.

Poroshenko’s optimistic about punishing of those guilty for “Maidan” events and ATO.
Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Nearly 100 judges who made unlawful decisions regarding "Euromaidan" activists are hiding in the occupied Crimea.
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According to Ukraine President's press service, citing the Ministry of Justice, more than 100 judges who persecuted "Euromaidan" activists are hiding from punishment outside of Ukraine and in the occupied territories, including nearly 100 judges – in the Crimea.

At the same time, President Poroshenko is sure that the punishment for those crimes is inevitable.

He also stressed that on January 16 he would sign a law passed by the parliament (Bill №1767) on the inevitability of punishment for persons hiding on a temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine or in the ATO area, adding that the legal framework for the trials of criminals who are internationally wanted has been already created.

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The bill №1569 on confiscation of criminals' property in the ATO area has not been adopted, though, but sent back for a revision.

Source: ZN.UA

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