Poland's hand is open for Ukraine: President Komorowski speaks in Verkhovna Rada

9 april 2015 | 14:54

"There will be no free Poland without free Ukraine," – Polish President.

Бронислав Коморовский в Раде 9 апреля
President Komoroskyi gives a speech in Verkhovna Rada
President Bronislaw Komorowski, who is visiting Ukraine on April 8-9 has spoken in the Ukrainian parliament. President Poroshenko, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and members of the Cabinet have also attended the session.

President Komorovskyi has recalled that the Ukrainian and Polish nations have common historical past and has expressed the hope that the past conflicts will not affect relations between the two countries.

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He said that Poland now is very supportive of Ukraine, which suffers from Russian aggression.

"Polish hand is open for Ukraine. Poland does and will do everything it can to reassure other states and peoples of the Western world to help Ukraine," – said the President.

He has stressed that the security of our country is of particular significance for the West.

"The Western world must understand that will be safe, if Ukraine is also safe (...) There will be no stable and secure Europe, if Ukraine does not become its part. The European Union's door should be open for Ukraine," – said Komorowskyi.

In his view, Ukraine's success is particularly important for Poland.

"There will be no free Poland without free Ukraine," – said the Polish president.

He wished Ukrainians success on the difficult path of reform, citing the example of Poland, which also faced difficulties in rebuilding the country in the early 90's.

"We want to see a strong and effective state as our neighbor," – concluded President Komorowskyi. 

Source: ZN.UA

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