OSCE: Changing status quo around Debal'tsevo contradicts Minsk agreements

17 february 2015 | 11:05

Deputy Head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) has called for a comprehensive ceasefire.

OSCE observers
OSCE calls for a ceasefire in Debal’tseve
Attempts to change the existing status quo in the conflict zone around Debal'tsevo are contrary to Minsk agreements, announced the Deputy Head of the SMM Alexander Hug.

"The sides have agreed on a comprehensive ceasefire on February 12, starting from 15 February – not partial or temporary but comprehensive ceasefire. Any violation of the letter and spirit of these agreements directly threatens the achievement of other measures agreed in Minsk. Any attempt to create a so-called "new facts on the ground" and any attacks in particular are contrary to the essence of this agreement,"- announced Hug during a press conference in Kirovograd, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

The SMM Deputy Head also said that he had met with Ukrainian and Russian generals in the temporary headquarters of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination in Soledar on February 16.

"I hope that these people will jointly monitor and coordinate the ceasefire. Ukraine and Russia are among the 57 participating countries that sent SMM here to control the situation, and I believe that SMM must fulfill mandate given to the mission, "- said Hug.

He also confirmed that the SMM intends to visit Debal'tseve on February 17.

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Earlier, the militants announced that the Minsk agreements do not oblige them to ceasefire in the area of Debal'tsevo.

"We stopped the fire in "DPR," excluding the interior districts of Debal'tsevo. There is nothing said about this area in the Minsk agreements," – said the "DPR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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