NCSEPUR is required canceling gas tariffs increase for households

8 april 2015 | 16:55

Social activists filed a lawsuit against the regulation commission

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Gas tariffs’ increase will be appealed in court
Social activists have sued the NCSEPUR (National Commission for State Energy and Public Utilities Regulation) requiring canceling regulation N583 on raising gas prices for the population.

The lawsuit has been filed to the District Administrative Court of Kyiv. The claim was submitted by Taras Gook from NGO called "Institute for Civil Protection."

The text of the document is available to DT.UA.

From the text of the suit it follows that its proponents consider the above mentioned decision unlawful, citing NCSEPUR's lack of authority to set tariffs.

The plaintiffs claim that other organization, NERC (National Energy Regulation Commission) is allowed by law to set gas prices for domestic households.

The authors say that despite the Presidential decree regarding the NCSEPUR, there is another law, reserving the exclusive right to NERC.

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"Taking into account the fact, NCSEPUR's actions are illegal" – says the document.


Earlier, it was reported that gas, electricity and heating prices would be increased from April 1. 

Source: ZN.UA

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