NATO advisers are already in Ukraine

20 march 2015 | 17:30

High-class professionals help Ukraine to reform its defense sector. The first adviser arrived to Ukraine last year.

“NATO Legion” in Ukraine consists of 8 people
There are 8 NATO advisers working in Ukraine as of today, reports the Director of the NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine Marcin Kozhiel.

"Allies have already sent an expert advisory group, composed of high-class professionals, to work on various issues in Ukraine. Their role in Ukraine is to help the Ukrainian government, Defense Ministry, Ukrainian Armed Forces and other security sector institutions to reform the Ukrainian defense sector based on Euro-Atlantic standards," – announced Kozhiel.

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He clarifies that the advisers will work on various issues, including defense policy, defense planning, cyber-defense, logistics, armed forces' management, cooperation with the National Security and Defense Council, professional training of military personnel and civil employees of the Defense Ministry.

"They have already started their work in Ukraine ... First adviser arrived in Ukraine last year," – commented Kozhiel.

On March 19, it was reported that a group of 35 British instructors had begun to train Ukrainian military in Mykolayiv.

Source: ZN.UA

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