Ministry of Internal Affairs: militants partially control Debal'tsevo

17 february 2015 | 14:15

A representative of the security forces also drew attention to the fact that Ukrainian soldiers may not act quickly because of the ceasefire.

MIA: Militants have entered Debal’tseve
The railway station in Debal'tsevo is already under partial control of the Donbas militants, fighting is underway for every street in city's downtown.

This has been announced by Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk oblast', Ilya Kiva.

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"The railway station is partially controlled by the militants, active fighting is underway in the city, in fact, the fighting is taking place for every quarter and every street," – recognized the official to the 112 Channel.

He added that city's policy office is controlled by Ukrainians. At the same time, the head of the Donetsk oblast' police noted that the building is virtually destroyed.

"Because we have an order to adhere to the ceasefire and we have to catch up just to defend our positions, and we are not allowed to begin fully act," – concluded Kiva.

Earlier on Tuesday the ATO HQ stated that Logvinove and Artemivsk – Debal'tseve road are controlled by the ATO forces.

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The representative of the "DPR", Denis Pushylin before videoconferencing with the OSCE announced that the militants have no "moral right" to stop fighting for Debal'tseve. The OSCE observers postponed their visit to Debal'tseve because of the videoconference, reports Konstantin Ryeutskyy, a representative of the human rights organization "Postup" on his Facebook.

This has been used by the militants in order to get into the city, assumes the activist.


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