Media: Situation deteriorates dramatically near Debaltseve, Ukrainian soldiers ask for help

17 february 2015 | 15:40

Ukrainian military are holding on with what is left of their strength according to journalists citing the soldiers.

российская артиллерия под Дебальцево 3
Soldiers and journalists: the situation is critical in Debal'tseve
The journalist Olga Hermanova reports in her Facebook that soldiers of the "Kievan Rus" battalion ask for quick reinforcements near Debal'tseve.

According to her, the Ukrainian soldiers will not last more than 12 hours without help.

Yuri Sin'kovskyy, the deputy commander of the "Kryvbas" territorial defense battalion, has reported to "Livyy Bereg" that the situation is really critical. The fighters are surrounded.

"We had been waiting for the OSCE observers here but they have not appeared. The guys are almost completely surrounded. The fighting is taking place. There are captives. We can't take dead and wounded out of the strongholds. The road are mined. Everyone is sitting and waiting until the end of the battalion," – commented Sin'kovskyy.

The "DPR" and "LPR" has once again stated that they completely surrounded the Ukrainian military in Debal'tseve. Namely, the "DPR" claims that 80% of Debal'tseve is under their control, while the leader of the "LPR" militants, Igor Plotnitskyy said that militants "would themselves decide" what to do with their "inner area," irrespectively of whether the Ukrainian side recognizes the "pot" or not.

The ATO HQ's Spokesman Andriy Lysenko said that fierce fighting is ongoing in Debal'tseve.

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Earlier on Tuesday, the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that militants had entered Debal'tseve and now partially control the city. Fighting is taking place in the city.

Source: Livyy Bereg

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