Kwasniewski: EU leaders offered billions to Yanukovych

10 april 2015 | 09:45

Former Polish president has announced that he had witnessed talks with huge money discussed. 

Олександр Кваснєвський
Aleksander Kwasniewski tells how EU leaders offered Yanukovych a "financial support"
In 2013, during the Vilnius summit, the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych was offered a financial support as a compensation for possible economic losses from Russia's actions in case of the Association Agreement signing.

This has been announced by the former Polish president, Alexander Kwasniewski in an interview for the "European Truth."

According to him, then the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and the former European Commission's President Jose Manuel Barroso met the Ukrainian president at that time in Vilnius.

"They promised money and support to Yanukovych, when he started to say that Ukraine was not capable of surviving without a Russian help," – tells the former Polish President.  

"A huge assistance package was offered, including $ 15 billion from the IMF. Merkel also promised help. But, he did not want to listen. He arrived to Vilnius without even admitting a possibility for the Association Agreement signing.

According to Kwasniewski, no one expected such a change of decision.

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"If we talk about the failures of Europe, a huge mistake, perhaps, was the fact that the EU did not know what had happened in autumn of 2013 in Sochi, where Yanukovych had agreed with Putin that Ukraine would not sign the Agreement. Brussels had to know it. The other mistake is that the EU had to be more actively involved in negotiations with Russia," – sums up the former Polish president.

The signing of the agreement was expected to happen in the fall of 2013 at the Vilnius summit, but the former President Viktor Yanukovych refused to do that, which caused mass protests in Ukraine.

Source: European Truth

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