Ukrainian oligarch blackmails government with unrests

20 march 2015 | 15:00

Media controlled by the oligarch threaten with consequences in case of governor's dismissal. 

Игорь Коломойский
Kolomoysky "included" blackmailing as an argument in order to stay in his post
Media belonging to the governor of Dnepropetrovsk oblast' and oligarch Igor Kolomoisky report of potential unrests in Dnepropetrovsk oblast', in case of his dismissal from the position.

The UNIAN agency and TSN report that due to the "probable unrests" in Dnepropetrovsk oblast', additional forces of the National Guard of Ukraine are being allegedly transferred there.

The threat of destabilization of the region may be well regarded as Kolomoysky's blackmailing of the Ukrainian authorities in order to prevent his dismissal.

Also, TSN reports that the Russian president Vladimir Putin allegedly asked about the dismissal of the governor during the "Normandy Four" format negotiations in Minsk last month.

The media began talking about the governor's resignation after his participation in a raider attempt to seize the state-owned company "Ukrtransnafta". Last night, after the dismissal of Oleksandr Lazorko as a chairman of the "Ukrtransnafta" board, the governor, accompanied by armed men in camouflage arrived to the office of the company. He later told about the "raider seizure" of the enterprise and cursed the journalist Sergiy Andrushko.

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MPs and former journalists Sergiy Leshchenko and Mustafa Nayem said that the president and prime minister are obliged to dismiss Kolomoysky from his office after the events around "Ukrtransnafta."

Chief Editor of "Ukrayinska Pravda," Sevgil' Musaeva said that Kolomoysky had told to the Minister of Energy and Fuel and acting head of "Ukrtransnafta" that there are 2,000 battalions' soldiers in Kyiv now.

According to the journalist, he allegedly called up the meeting, because he is being taken the company.

Source: UNIAN

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  • Lazar 24 march, 11:44
    Good excuse for initiating so long-preparing active diversion operation for Kolomoysky's capturing power in Ukraine, eh?! To all seeming in Dnepropetrovsk everything is almost ready for it now. Simply for this goal Mr. Kolomoysky has really needed a powerful military formation, consisted not of workers and peasants, as existed Ukrainian army, but of foreign military battalions, trained by NATO experts ( Real democracy, indeed!