Kikhtenko to move Donetsk administration to Kramatorsk and to leave power structures in Mariupol

14 october 2014 | 09:23

Regional law enforcement agencies will stay in Mariupol. Thus, according to the Governor, Mariupol remains the most important city in strategic terms.


Kikhtenko moves Donetsk administration to Kramatorsk
Donetsk regional state administration will be in Kramatorsk, and power structures of the region will remain in Mariupol.

This was reported today the Chairman of Donetsk regional state administration Oleksandr Kikhtenko during the working meeting with the city heads and chairmen of district state administrations in the region, which was held in Kramatorsk.

He also mentions that his office will be located in Kramatorsk, while regional departments of all law enforcement agencies - Department of Internal Affairs, Security Service, Prosecutor's office and other agencies - will remain in Mariupol. Thus, Mariupol remains the most important city in strategic terms.

Kikhtenko puts the task for the heads of Donetsk region cities and districts to fully prepare for winter, but also to establish closer contacts with the population, promptly informing area residents about the work and the situation in the region.

Summing up the meeting, Kikhtenko noted that he had been promised of strong support from the President and Government of Ukraine in the issues of Donetsk region.

Earlier, Kikhtenko in an interview to ZN.UA told that has priorities as a Governor are about the administration in one place and organization of its work.

On the question of the location of the administration, he said that the issue is being studied. "Geographically located Kramatorsk is more successful. However, in any case, nobody is going to forget about Mariupol. Moreover, it is closely related with the city defence," he added.

Recall that Oleksandr Kikhtenko was newly appointed as a head of Donetsk state regional administration on Oct. 10.

Source: UNIAN

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