General Prosecutor: Yanukovych ordered to shoot "Maidan" protesters

10 april 2015 | 16:10

Shokin hopes it will be possible to prove the existence of a criminal gang and its internal communications. 

Виктор Шокин
It does not matter how the order to shoot “Maidan” protesters was given
The Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has announced that the order to open fire on protesters on "Maidan" was given by the former president Viktor Yanukovych.

This has been told by the official in his interview for

When asked who gave the order to shoot the protesters, Shokin said that it had been Yanukovych. Is not it clear to anyone?"

The official believes that no matter what form such orders were given, oral or written.

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"Primarily, in my opinion, the investigation would have to go this route to prove the existence of a criminal gang, the second – to prove internal connections in the gang. This, unfortunately, did not happen," – said the Prosecutor General.

Earlier, during the Nicolas Bratza, the head of the international investigation group criticized the Minister of Internal Affairs for obstructing the investigation. 


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