"DPR" threatens to breach ceasefire if Ukraine does not give "special status" until March 14

13 march 2015 | 11:53

Denis Pushylin argues Kyiv has around 24 hours before "DPR" restores the offensive.

Денис Пушилин
Pushylin demands a territory with special status within 24 hours
The representative of a self-proclaimed "DPR," Denis Pushylin announced that the Ukrainian government has less than two days to make the Ukrainian parliament to determine a list of areas which will have a "special status" in accordance to the Minsk agreements.

"Kyiv has 24 hours left to meet the obligations. If the Ukrainian parliament does not determine the list of settlements with the special status during this time, then the whole world will see that Kyiv disrupts the peace process in the Donbas" – quotes the TASS Pushylin's comment on "Russia-24" TV channel.

On the eve, the NSDC announced that Ukraine had already defined the boundaries of Donbas areas, which would have the special status. It determined that the special status would not be extended to the territories captured by the militants after September 19.

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"We are about to see how the Minsk process will be disrupted," – announced Pushylin.

According to the Minsk agreement, the Ukrainian parliament should approve a resolution on granting a special status to separate regions of Donetsk and Lugansk oblast' no later than in 30 days from the date of signing the agreement (from February 12 - Ed.).

Source: ZN.UA

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