"DPR" militants refuse to withdraw military equipment

16 february 2015 | 13:43

Militants say the ceasefire has not been reached yet.

танк войска т72б3
"Random" photo of T-72B3 by the RT’s journalist, Graham Phillips
Militants of the self-proclaimed "DPR" have refused to withdraw heavy weapons in the Donbas, traditionally blaming Ukrainian forces for the failure of complying with the Minsk agreements.

According to "the Defense Minister of so-called "DPR", Eduard Basurin, the militants will not withdraw heavy equipment until a complete ceasefire.

"The withdrawal of military equipment according to the Minsk agreement may be made under certain conditions, including after a complete ceasefire," – commented Basurin, accusing the Ukrainian side in the attacks on Donetsk airport, reports "RBC".

In this regard, he said, the militants are not planning to withdraw heavy equipment.

A deadline for the withdrawal of heavy equipment from the contact line under the supervision of the OSCE and guarantees from the "Normandy Four" leaders should be February 17.

As you know, the clashes are still taking place in the Donbas despite the ceasefire which started on February 16. Namely, the fighting continues on Mariupol and Debal'tseve directions.

It is noteworthy that the militants themselves have admitted to firing Debal'tsevo, arguing that the city is supposedly the territory of "DPR", so they have a right to fire it. "

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Earlier today, the Foreign Minister of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on for the next position in the Minsk agreements to be followed – the withdrawal of heavy weapons.

Source: RBK-Ukraine

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