Donetsk Oblast' Administration: 600 Russian military arrive to Donetsk

6 april 2015 | 10:20

Russian troops are strengthening their presence and create training centers in Donetsk oblast.'

Донецк боевики военные
Russia strengthens its presence in Donetsk oblast’
600 Russian military, stationed in Buryatia (Russia), have been deployed in Donetsk.

This has been announced by the Deputy Commander of ATO in eastern Ukraine, Colonel Valentyn Fedichev, reports the press service of Donetsk Oblast' Administration.

According to him, Russian forces are strengthening their presence and create training centers in Donetsk oblast.' Thus, for example, on the territory of Donetsk Research Plant "Standard" (Leninsky Ave, 88), Russia's Special Forces' unit has been deployed.

A battery of 120-mm mortars has been deployed to carry out provocative shelling of residential areas and ATO forces' positions around Donetsk.

A training camp to prepare saboteurs among local residents and citizens of the Russian Federation has been opened on the territory of Makiyivka penitentiary. Instructors at the center are regular officers of the Russian Armed Forces' General Staff.

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Fedichev also reported that an unknown cargo had been brought to Debaltseve through the railway station. A strict admission procedure is now active at the station, exits from the city as well as Gorlivka and Enakiyeve. Administrative buildings are occupied by the Russian troops.

"The leaders of the DPR has voiced an official version about the cargo: supposedly it is a humanitarian aid. But, residents of the city are clearly not being told the truth here," – concluded the Deputy ATO Commander.

Source: ZN.UA

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