Donetsk airport can be exchanged for other "big areas"

1 october 2014 | 11:35

There is still no specification of concrete territories.  

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Deference of Donetsk airport has continues since the end of May. Vyacheslav Gumennyi, Facebook
Ukrainian authorities negotiate with the fighters about the exchange of Donetsk airport located on the territory adjusted to the city.

On September 30, the governor of Donetsk region, Sergey Taruta announced about this fact, it is reported by the site 0629.

"The negotiations are really conducted. Unfortunately, Novoasovk is not the subject in these negotiations – it is still the occupied town. The exchange is going to be conducted on the territory adjusting to Donestk. It is said about big areas", - Taruta marked.

Before information appeared about Ukrainian Army as if holding the airport in Donetsk in order to carry out the exchange of the occupied Novoasovk from August 25. 

It will be recalled that the terrorists have not left any attempts to occupy the airport since the end of May applying heavy mortars, fighting machines "Grad" howitzers and tanks against its defenders. However, it stays thus far under the control of Ukrainian armed forces.

On September 26, ATO forced holding the positions on the territory of Donetsk airport repulsed the strongest attack of the fighters. The Attack continued the whole day, firings and attempts of military assaults repeated every hour.  


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