Council of Europe: "Third force" participation in Maidan killings is not confirmed

31 march 2015 | 16:40

Participation of snipers in "Maidan" killings looks also questionable according to the International Advisory Board.

Беркут Майдан
There is no credible evidence yet that some of the demonstrators were killed by snipers
Ukrainian investigators have not found sufficient evidence that the "third force" participated in "Maidan" shootings, announced the head of the International Advisory Group, established by the Council of Europe.

Mr Bratza has confirmed that he knows about the statements of the Ukrainian leadership that "Maidan" demonstrators had been shot because of the involvement of the "third force," possibly Russia.

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"We examined the issue of so-called "third force" in our report. We concluded that this question remains open, though there are some signs of existence of the "third force," – said Mr Bratza.

According to him, the group does not exclude the possibility, but the Ukrainian investigation has not provided enough evidence. In overall, the group says, the Ukrainian authorities did not find any evidence that any of the victims had been killed with the use of sniper weapon or as a result of the involvement of the "third force."

The SBU has repeatedly argued that the bloody events at "Maidan" were orchestrated by the Russian intelligence agencies. The Ukrainian President himself accused the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov of involvement in the management of teams of snipers during the events at "Maidan." 

Source: ZN.UA

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