Council of Europe is inclined to version that Maidan killings done by Sadovnik

31 march 2015 | 15:25

This is indicated in the results of investigation, reports the Council of Europe. 

Майдан февраль Беркут
The Council of Europe believes that Sadovnik and his “Berkut” special forces group is responsible for most of the victims at “Maidan”
"Berkut" special forces fighters, primarily those under the command of Dmytro Sadovnik, are responsible for most of the murders committed at Instytutska, says international team investigating events at "Maidan."

The data is contained in the report of the International Advisory Group, published in Kyiv on March 31. "Based on the materials in the case, the responsibility for most of the murders committed on February 20, 2014, may be assigned to "Berkut" fighters... The analysis of hundreds of hours of video and web-based materials revealed 21-24 "Berkut" employees, who were shooting the members of protests at Instytutska," – says the report.

Investigators rely on the fact that none of the "Berkut" employees could use weapons without an order from their supervisor, Mr. Sadovnik.

The paper also notes that most of the demonstrators, who died on February 20, had been wounded from Kalashnikov rifles of 7.62mm caliber possessed by "Berkut" fighters. The rifles of Sadovnik's group later disappeared.

The investigators say that many demonstrators were shot through a concrete barricade at the exit from Khreshchatyk metro station at Instytutska Street, some people were shot from "Ukraine" hotel.

The investigators deny allegations that the former opposition could have been related to the shootings of the protesters, arguing that at that time the opposition urged protesters not to use weapons and not to provoke conflict.

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Presenting the report, the group's chairman Nicholas Brantsa criticized the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for obstructing the investigation.

Dmytro Sadovnik was released under house arrest on 19 September. Then, he repeatedly failed to appear in the court and disappeared only after court decided to turn him into custody. Now, Sadovnik is wanted again.

Source: ZN.UA

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