Azarov's official caught on the dirty schemes was placed on tenders by Yatsenyuk

9 october 2014 | 14:47

Oleksander Suhomlin will deal with tenders with Yatsenyuk as it was at Azarov government



Sukhomlin is back to the Government on the same “cushy job”
Oleksandr Sukhomlin was appointed on Oct. 1 as Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade. Previously he held a similar position in the government of Mykola Azarov and was involved in high-profile corruption scandals associated with tendering.

According to ZN.UA information from now Sukhomlin will be dealing with the tendering procurement and economics of defense and security at the Ministry of Economy.

In 2011, Sukhomlin was fired from the Cabinet of Azarov charged with illegal conducting of the Defense Ministry tender for catering to UAH 621 million.

This corruption scheme, launched personally by Sukhomlin, was opened in the newspaper Mirror Weekly. Ukraine in the article "Chronicles of the army" for 8 April 2011. Then Sukhomlin signed permission to hold a tender for the same performer, resulting of which lobbied by the Defence Minister monopolist Mikhail Jezhel received without tender whole food market of the army, and at a price of UAH 42 for the daily ration - UAH 10 more than the stipulated by the budget program passport. If not for public disclosure of this dirty scheme by Anatoliy Hrytsenko, who at that time held the position of Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence, for an additional year, the profit would have amounted to UAH 213 million of budget funds.

Azarov had no choice as to dismiss Sukhomlin after internal investigations were conducted.

Earlier, an official from the Yanukovich administration was appointed as an another Deputy head of the Ministry of Economy.


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