ATO Speaker: Militants mine roads and leave explosives in crowded places

7 april 2015 | 16:16

The militants have used 120-mm mortars and artillery guns in the ATO area. 

АТО1 Азов
The terrorists mine roads
The situation in the ATO area is deteriorating. There are provocations all across the boundary line except for the eastern part of Lugansk oblast.'

"The militants use 120-mm mortars (five times), artillery guns (three times) and tanks (several facts) against Ukrainian troops' positions," – announced the ATO Speaker, Andriy Lysenko.

The tensest situation remains on Donetsk direction, particularly near the Donetsk airport and outskirts of Gorlivka. On Lugansk direction militants are active in the area of ​​Bahmutskyi route, on Mariupol direction – near the village of Shyrokine.

Also, two Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded for the previous day.

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"According to current information, the militants actively mine roads, leave bombs in crowded places, even disguise them as toys and household items," – said Lysenko.

Earlier, it was reported that the terrorists had fired Ukrainian positions in the area of Shyrokine.

In general, there have been 20 cases of ceasefire violation during the previous day.

Source: ZN.UA

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