ATO HQ: Ukrainian troops near Pisky suffer most of attacks in Donbas

6 april 2015 | 16:55

Shelling of the settlements has not been recorded. 

АТО1 Азов
The Donbas militants use 120-mm mortars near Shyrokine, Lininske and Pisky
The Russian-terrorist forces violated the ceasefire 14 times from 18:00 until midnight on April 5, report the ATO HQ.

For the most part it was a chaotic firing of Ukrainian troops from small arms. The militants shelled three times the ATO positions near Shyrokine, Leninkse and Pisky from 120-mm mortars.

"Most of the firing took place in the area of Pisky. Further South, in Lugansk oblast,' the militants fired the Ukrainian troops' positions near the village of Sokolniki using the anti-aircraft installation ZU 23-2," – says the report.

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In the area of Mariupol, the Russian-terrorist troops held aerial reconnaissance with drones.

Nevertheless, the firing of the settlements was not recorded, according to the report.

Earlier, the ATO HQ reported that the militants had been firing the Ukrainian troops positions all day long on April 5.

Source: ZN.UA

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