ATO HQ: ATO forces suffer attacks from "uncontrolled" militants

31 march 2015 | 12:27

11 attacks were recorded from 18:00 to 00:00 on Monday. 

Широкино АТО Донбасс
The General Staff believes the "central command" of the militants still cannot curb all the gangs.
The number of attacks by the illegal armed groups gradually decreases, reports the ATO HQ on Tuesday morning.

"Nevertheless, some gangs, virtually uncontrolled, continue sporadic armed provocations along the front line," - states the message on Facebook.

11 cases of ceasefire violations were recorded from 18:00 to midnight on March 30.

Sokilnyky was fired from 82-mm mortars in Lugansk oblast' at 18.00, checkpoint in Krymske was fired at 18.20.

In the area of Mariupol, the enemy used 120-mm mortars at 19.20 and 19.50 to fire south-western outskirts of Shyrokino.

"ATO forces opened fire only in retaliation, in case of a direct threat to life and health of our military, strictly adhering to the Minsk agreements," – reports the ATO HQ.

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Ukrainian military experts have repeatedly argued that the creation of separate, sometimes warring gangs in the Donbas and a single military formation was one of the main tasks of the Russian leadership in the region.

The "Information Resistance" group wrote that military leadership of Russia created "quite an efficient army" from the "DPR" and "LPR" during the ceasefire.

Source: ZN.UA

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